If you quit viewing yourself as "Man" and view yourself as what we are, intelligent animals, no other animal would be as pathetic as we are. An animal will walk until it collapses and dies, a wounded animal will refuse to lay down and quit, and by all determination they will always be striving to be better. So, why, with the greatest intelligence of all do we waste our gift of life? As Ive said before, by conception you are one in a million. You made it here for a reason… Dont piss it away on a couch, or being less than what you want. Sometimes as in nature you have to take things into your control. Stop waiting for things to happen to you, create change yourself. Change the world around you — Brandon Lilly (via foreverpermabulk)

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First forget inspiration. Habit is more dependable. Habit will sustain you whether you’re inspired or not. Habit will help you finish and polish your stories. Inspiration won’t. Habit is persistence in practice. — Octavia E. Butler, Bloodchild and Other Stories (via fearandhope)

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 I ran across these awesome celebrity quotes about positive body image and it made me feel a sort of relief that I wasn’t necessarily expecting. All kinds of women, even celebrities, may struggle with body image (and men of course). But the important and beautiful thing about this is that all these women chose to overcome it, look through it, and realize how special and beautiful they are. They are not a number on the scale. They are not the amount of calories they consume. They are NOT allowing society to determine what they look like. Because they are beautiful in their individual way, and the confidence and serenity that comes with letting go of such silly standards is so much sweeter. 

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Your brain is wired for survival, not happiness. That is why it keeps bringing up negative emotions, past mistakes and worries about the future. Because of this wiring, you can get stuck in repetitive cycles of self-criticism, worry and fear that interfere with your ability to enjoy the present moment. Why anxiety is so hard to manage (and how to fix it)

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